Executive Team

Our mission

Right Angle Pizza was developed with a health conscience goal in mind, and strives in teaching healthy eating and lifestyle practices. Our dedicated team and their background has developed a menu that consists of fresh ingredients while incorporating portion control to help educate our customers on better food choices.

Following our motto "We Don't Cut Corners", we provide 27% more pizza to consumers than the traditional circular mold by using a square shape. Incorporating organic, healthy, and gluten free ingredients allows our consumers more health benefits without sacrificing flavor and comfort. We provide the appropriate portions that are filling as well as nutritious.

Perry Goldberg, Chief Executive Officer

Perry Goldberg is the Founder & CEO of Right Angle Ventures which serves as an incubator for new business ventures and ideas to develop and grow.

With degrees from UPenn's Wharton School of Business as well as Harvard Law School, Perry is a highly sought-after corporate attorney and entrepreneur. Perry oversees all direction of current and future projects within Right Angle Ventures.

Perry founded Right Angle Pizza to help educate consumers on healthier choices, even with our favorite comfort foods! With the rising demand and interest in the pizza industry, a healthier option to a favorite food was the basis for developing Right Angle Pizza.

Along with Right Angle PIzza, Perry serves as the CEO on numerous projects including the non-profit sector.

Emily Lang, Chief Operating Officer

Emily began working with Right Angle Ventures to utilize her skills, knowledge, and experience in bringing ideas into life.

Emily has over 10 years business management and development experience in the medical field and quickly began working on the Right Angle Pizza project to utilize health in a different mechanism. Her background and experience has brought the appropriate team and collaborators together to further develop Right Angle Pizza and its goal.

Emily's passion is bringing an idea into a fully functioning entity with the appropriate collaborators for full potential. With education in both the Midwest and West Coast, Emily's well rounded background has brought diversity to the Right Angle Team.